Situated on the steep slope of La Maroma surrounded by olive trees and vineyards Alcaucín presents the typical features of  white villages of the Axarquia. In the the Heart of Alcaucin there is a small plaza  where stands the church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, built in the seventeenth century and restored..

At the top is the Cemetery and Calvary Chapel of Jesus, dating back to the eighteenth century, from where there is a magnificent panoramic view of the town and nearing villages.

The village of Alcaucín is steeped in history, tales and folklore of abandoned cities and mythical figures.

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What we do know is that Alcaucín’s history dates back to prehistoric times from the number of ancient artefacts and remains found in the hills surrounding the village. However like most villages in Axarquia, Alcaucin has Arab origins. In fact the name ‘Alcaucín’ derives from the Arabic ‘Al Cautin which means ‘The Arches.’ It is said that this refers to the abundance of yew trees, the wood of which was used to make bows (arcos).

alcaucin axarquiaView of Alcaucín.