A beautiful medieval town featuring many historical buildings and monuments, surrounded by lush farmland and ideally positioned with excellent transport connections to Malaga, Seville and Granada.

La Peña de los enamorados (Lovers leap) is a cliff which overlooks the town and valley. According to legend, a Christian boy from Antequera and a moorish girl from Archidona, fell in love and after being chased by Moorish soldiers to the clifftop, they refused to renounce their love and plunged to their death.

El Torcal natural park and nature reserve, measuring approx 17kms, enjoys some of Europe´s finest and extraordinary rock and limestone formations and is certainly worth a visit.

Places of Interest

- Church Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor (located north of Antequera).

- Convent of Madre de Dios de Monteagudo (1747–1761). It has a notable Baroque bell tower.

- Church of San Pedro (16th century), with traces of a previous Gothic edifice

- Royal Monastery of San Zoilo, founded in 1500. In Gothic style, it has been declared national monument.

- The Alcazaba (fortress)

- Palace of Nájera, now home to the Municipal Museum

- The bullring, originally built in 1848, was rebuilt  in 1984, in a style that reflects the city’s diverse architectural influences.

- Arco de los Gigantes (“Giants’ Arch”), erected in 1595 in honour of King Philip II of Spain,

- The excavated Roman baths can be seen in the southeast part of the city.

Church Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor Church Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor 



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With Antequera being famous for its famous dish called “Porra Antequerana”, which is a thicker type of Gazpacho, also a famous product from Antequera  being sold throughout Andalucia are “molletes” a soft rustic bun. There are many restaurants within Antequera in case you would like to try some of these typical dishes.

Porra Antequerana

Porra Antequerana




Antequera provides a modern shopping centre with a hypermarket just on the outskirts of town. In town itself you can find many shops and businesses. Local artisans are known for working with gold and also locally harvested vegetables. Just outside town you can also find a Industrial Estate with many different types of businesses.

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Shopping Antequera

Shopping Antequera