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Teba is a locality in the region of Guadalteba, located northwest of the province. The municipality is hidden behind the Hill of Camorra, the Camorrillo, San Cristobal and Castillo. The village of Teba was declared a historical artistic village.

Places to visit
Visitors can not fail to wander the streets of Teba with its palaces and stately homes that provide a great enhancement to its typical Andalusian streets. The most important monument of Teba is the Castillo de la Estrella from the teenth century, at the highest point of the town and from where you can enjou magnificent views of the entire municipality. The Castle was declared a National Historical Monument interest.
In the village stands the Church Santa Cruz Real from the eighteenth century, in the inside is located a religous art musuem which you can visit for free.

Teba TownTeba Town




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Places of Interest
Other places you can not miss from Teba are the Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the Ermita de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, the old Convent of San Francisc (XVI century), the palacete del Marqués de Greñina (XIX century) and the front of the palace of the empatriz Eugenia de Montijo.
From the natural environment surrounding Teba we highlight the places of natural interest declared, the Desfiladero “Tajo del Molino-Torró” and the “Puente”, the Puente is ideal for camping and outdoor activities.


Teba Castle
Teba Castle



The local cuisine is highly concentrated in products that are harvested in the area, meat and vegetables.

The highlight dish is the Porra Tebeña. Other typical dishes are the “Lavapuertas” and “Jervia”. Also known for good local pastries.

local cuisine
Local cuisine



Festivals & Fairs
Exhibition in honor of the Virgen del Rosario: First week of October
Romeria of San Isidro: May 15th
Festival of the Virgen del Carmen: July 16th
Teba Fair: August

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Teba Fair