riogordo axarquiaRiogordo
Riogordo is a typical Andalucian white washed village situated in the Axarquía region, only 35km from Málaga.

The village streets are decorated with numerous niches dating from the XVI century. The most interesting visits are the Church and the Hermitage, along with the Ethnographic Museum.

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The Area The "Tajo del Gomer" is the most beautiful area surrounding the Village, offering a scenic trekking route and rock climbing. Other trekking routes that cover Riogordo are the Ruta del Río, Ruta del aceite y los montes and the Ruta de la Sierra.

Riogordo is famous for the Representation of the Passion of Jesus Christ,  that is carried out every year during Easter since 1951, "El Paso de Riogordo", in which almost the whole village take part one way or another. In 1996 it was declared Fiesta of National Tourist Interest. Ferias in Riogordo

Ruta del aceite y los montesThe Ruta del aceite y los montes.

Gastronomy Riogordo has a wide selection of local restaurants and bars offering local dishes at great value. The local gastronomy includes snails, migas (bread crumbs), gazpacho (cold  tomato soup) and Ajoblanco (cold soup of almonds and garlic).  The local Olive Oil “El Borbollón” is known as one of the best in the Malaga Province.

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