Benalmadena is a town situated between Fuengirola and Torremolinos, with plenty of great beaches and a wide variety of accommodation for the tourists.  Benalmadena has an abundance of pubs and restaurants for all tastes.
The municipality is divided into three districts: Benalmadena Costa, Benalmadena Pueblo and Arroyo de la Miel.
Puerto Marina and the Solymar square (24 hour Square) give Benalmadena a wide range of possibilities to entertain ourselves, have a coffee, go for a walk or go out partying. The Solymar square has recently been reconstructed and there is now a nice shopping centre.
Furthermore, Benalmadena has several tourist attractions like the Selwo Marina or  Tivoli World amusement park in Arroyo de la Miel.

Benalmadena Costa is a family tourist destination, where you can enjoy the beach and Benalmadena Pueblo, that still maintains its Andalusian village charm and is situated in the top part of the municipality, with breath-taking views over the whole coast.  Arroyo de la Miel,(Stearm of Honey) originally a separate village, is in the interior between the coast and the pueblo. It has become the main residential area, but is the most commercially active. It also has several attractions such as Tivoli World amusement park, and a teleferico (cable car) running to the summit of the Calamorro mountain, which provides panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada, Gibraltar and on clear days, the Moroccan coastline.

teleferico (cable car) Benalmadena teleferico (cable car)




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The first human presence in Benalmadena, that we know of, dates back to the upper Paleolithic (around 20.000 years ago), period in which numerous settlements have been found along the Costa del Sol. In Benalmadena these remains were found in the Cueva del Toro (Mount Calamorro).
The Phoenicians arrived at the coasts of Benalmadena in the 7th and 8th century B.C., and later on the Romans left many traces behind, like the ruins of small towns and fishing facilities in Torremuelle and Capellania.

Benalmadena pueblo
Benalmadena pueblo



The first urbanised areas were only small villages and settlements at the beginning of the 10th century with the arrival of the Muslims. One century after, Benalmadena Pueblo became the centre of the population and the beginning of a social structure due to the construction of a fortress and a walled village. The name of "Benalmadena" comes from this period, originally from the Arabic "Ibn-al-Madena" (sons of the mines), due to the mines of iron and ocher present in the locality. After the Christian re-conquest came the darkest period for Benalmadena, where almost all the architectonic remains were destroyed.

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