Sierra de Yeguas

Sierra de Yeguas
Sierra de Yeguas belongs to the region of Guadalteba northwest of Antequera. It lies on the border between the provinces of Málaga and Sevilla. The town is 95 kilometers from Málaga and is 550m above sea level. Just town kilometers away is the hamlet Navahermosa and Acebuche Park.

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Places to Visit
The most remarkable monument of the town is the Parish Church of Inmaculada de la Concepción, probably built in the eighteenth century. You can also find archaeological remains from the Roman times in the Cortijos de Peñuela, de la Herriza and the termas de Haza de Estepa.

Parish Church Sierra de Yeguas
Parish Church Sierra de Yeguas

The Sierra de Yeguas cuisine consists mainly in dishes made with ingredients typical of the area, such as asparagus. The municipality holds every year Fiesta del Espárrago and the end of April. Other typical dishes are Migas, Gazpacho, Porra Capera….

festival Fiesta del Espárrago


Festivals & Fairs:

Carnival: February
San Bartolome: August 24th
Easter Week
San Isidro: May 15th
Corpus: May or June

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festival Sierra de YeguasFestivals Parish Sierra de Yeguas