Property Owners

Q: What are the advantages of renting by owner instead of using a property management company?

A:There are two main reasons to rent by owner instead of using a property management company.

The first is the more obvious: MONEY. By saving the management company commissions, you can lower the price slightly, during lower seasons, and or offer special offers as the money will come to you.

The second reason to rent by owner is having complete control over who rents your property. By talking to each renter yourself, you can better screen who gets to stay in your second home, whereas property management companies might not be so picky.

Q: How Much does it cost to advertise?

A: Our site is an online portal where private holiday home owners can advertise their rental properties directly to the public. We charge a basic rate of €100 for 12 months advertising, for a yearly fee of 250€ we can design, create and host your very own website linked to Rental Guide.

Q: How will I know when somebody wants to book.

A: Once your property is published on our website, all enquiries and bookings will go directly to the email address or phone number you provided.

Q: Will it take up a lot of my time?

A: This is a realistic question. You must have some extra time because there is work involved. Here’s what you can expect: 5 to15 minutes per day responding to e-mails. During the busiest booking times, expect to spend up to an hour each day responding to inquiries — expect to spend approximately one half hour per week sending directions and deposit requests.- Try to spend at least 10 minutes a day updating your social network page. Read our Facebook Tips

Q: Do you provide a live calendar for my website?

A: We can imbed a Google calendar into your website, which you would be in control of. Learn about Google Calendars



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